Nobuyuki Nakamura

Nobuyuki Nakamura

A native of Hiroshima, Japan, Nobuyuki Nakamura studied composition at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Since graduating, he has composed and arranged in a wide range of genres and mediums, ranging from sequenced tracks at his home studio and live, full orchestras.

Though the main focus of Nakamura's work is composing and producing for music on television and CDs, he also performs with numerous renowned orchestras both nationally and internationally and branches out to explore new forms of art in both classical and contemporary styles.


  • Animation music
    - Chibi Maruko-chan
    - Magical Circle Guru Guru
  • Commercial music
    - L'Oreal
    - Honda
    - Casio
    - Coca Cola
  • Musical music
    - Tokyo Disney Land 10th Annversary, Alice's Wonderland
  • Video game music
    - The king of fighters-Symphonic Sound Trax (recorded by Slovak Philharmonic)
  • Others
    - Theme music for Curious George (Universal Music)
  • Serious music
    - Classical Suite (Vln & Pino)
    - Prelude (Wind Orchestra)
    - Music of Picture book (Orchestra) ~etc.